Task 7

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I know now that I'm attending the by far least safely held competition ever.
The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, are hosting the 14th FAI World Paragliding Championship in Roldanillo, Colombia.
During todays task, three people landed under their rescues (last resort parachute) and one more with a cravatted wing. Conditions were strong and turbulent in the course.
During the task I found the skies overdeveloping and tried to call for the safety director on the "EMERGENCY SAFETY FREQ." I did not get a reply from the safety director and asked around if somebody else heard me. I got a reply. My radio was ok. Full power and low squelch. No contact with Safety director or any other staff at the "EMERGENCY SAFETY FREQ."
I tried again after flying around the most evil looking cloud maybe 30 minutes later, continuing for several minutes trying to get through to safety director. No luck. The skies were turning black so I went to land and called safety director phone number as of the back of our pilot cards. No answer. I tried again, no answer. Then I called Meet Director, Nicky Moss. She answered and when I said that it was raining on three places around me, she replied "I will be in the area in a few minutes". I said, NO, -You must stop the task, its raining on several locations on the course. Finally the message got through and the task was stopped.
At the very same moment, lightning struck in the area I just passed a few minutes earlier.
A pilot who landed on the course told me it was raining intensely when he was retrieved. Rain on the course. Task should have been stopped then!
Another pilot broke an arm after landing in rescue (final resort parachute) the other day. The rescue team did not bring ANYTHING! Not even a first aid kit. No back plate and no stretcher. The pilot had to walk with a unsupported broken arm, uphill for one hour in the 30 degree heat.
A lot of the pilots are exhausted after many long days and this is a clear risk as well. They will never back of, risking to lose some valuable points in this joke of a world championship.
Thanks for reading and excuse my poor englinsh, school/parents in Sweden happened to miss me.
Ps. The flying is beautiful and the flats are wonderful. It’a shame not using these areas as they are available to us and they are much safer than the mountains.  
Ps.2.  After the first stop in the Ski world cup in Åre, Sweden, a man said, "this is the word cup, not a tea party" when somebody complained about hard conditions in the slopes. Well, if they get in trouble, they rearly get themselves killed. WE DO! Everyone here (almost) seems to be thinking, "that wont happen to me".
Good luck to you all. I*ll keep playing it safe and try to have fun.
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